A list of the currently active musical collaborations
RL Orchestra

Performing meditative, acoustic, ambient instrumental music, it’s Rihards main project. With some changes in the lineup since recording “Scream, Breathe, Cry”, the final lineup is as follows (from left to right) – Toms Lipskis (bass), Matīss Repsis (percussion), Erna Daugaviete (cello), Rihards Lībietis (guitars), Gints Smukais (guitars).

Midnight Dave n' The Cockroaches

Midnight Dave n’ The Cockroaches is a team of experienced musicians uniting under the banner of neworleans funk, soul, jazz and love.
Davis Bindemanis – Organ, Keys
Raitis Kalnins – Drums
Rihards Libietis – Bass
Janis Pastars – Guitar
Valters Smits – Tenor Sax
Marcis Vasilevskis – Alto Sax

Pacific K

Collaboration with Kristaps Bedritis, singer-Songwriter from Latvia. His music is a blend of acoustic, deep and melancholic tunes with a dark twist and a light at the end of the tunnel. Rihards and Kristaps performed together in Latvia, and went on a Baltic tour in 2015. Nauris Babris (drums),Toms Kursitis (bass) and Rihards Lībietis (guitar)

Rihards Lībietis with The Originals
The Originals

The band for corporate events, performing covers of popular artists. From left to right – Dāvis Bindemanis (piano), Toms Lipskis (bass) Edgars Zālītis (Vocals), Viesturs Samts (drums) and Rihards Lībietis (guitar).

Persian Records, Rihards Lībietis, Mārcis Vasiļevskis
Persian Records

Persian Records is a free flowing experiment, created by two musicians- Rihards Lībietis and Mārcis Vasiļevskis.
The musical project was inspired by a hot summers night, up in an attic with two persian cats wandering around. It’s a journey in sounds, emotions and unexplored horizons.

Persian Records on Soundcloud

Past projects

Elastic/ Bite's Blues Band
2011 - 2016

Bite’s Blues band (since 2014 – Elastic) performed regularly in Bite’s Blues Club, and other clubs in Latvia. Played together with guest artists from the European Blues scene, such as Innes Sibun, “Sir” Oliver Mally, Dave Goodman and others.  Band from left to right – Jānis Pastars (guitar), Raitis Kalniņš (drums), one of the best harmonica players in Europe – Oskars Stolse-Semerovs, Roberts Romanovs (bass), Rihards Lībietis (guitar)

Band Elastic on Bandcamp

RYGA, for the theatre play "Izraidītie" and "Death of Bunny Munroe"
2013 - 2015

Started out with Rihards joining the rest of the guys for creating the soundtrack for the theatre play “Izraiditie”. The music style in the play is more rock based, while outside the play, band uses a lot of satire, electronics and colourful stage performances.
Citing musical differences and wanting to work more with his “Scream, Breathe, Cry” album, Rihards departed from the band in the spring of 2015, while still performing for the play.

in 2017, Ryga created music for a new play of Nick Cave’s “Death of Bunny Munroe”

Theatre play ‘Izraiditie’

The Blues Barbers

Conceived as a charity project for the Movember movement, The Blues Barbers performed electrifying oldschool sounding music, in which Rihards played bass guitar. Band from left to right – Mārcis Vasiļevskis (guitar), Artūrs Knope (vocals), Rihards Lībietis (bass), Andris Buiķis (drums)

Blues Barbers Facebook page

The Mist // Rihards Lībietis - Scream breathe Cry
  1. The Mist // Rihards Lībietis - Scream breathe Cry
  2. Light // Rihards Lībietis - RL Elektronix
  3. Grace // Rihards Lībietis - RL Elektronix
  4. Anoranza // Rihards Lībietis - Scream Breathe Cry
  5. All That We Are // Rihards Lībietis - Scream Breathe Cry